Something Different!

Hey and welcome to my blog! Today I’m going to talk about how a simple task helps me go to sleep! I have been having trouble sleeping and staying asleep for years. Part due to trying to make money at home to help my husband and I be able to do some things that we can’t afford to do. Another reason is with COPD, GERD, PTSD and other ailments that keep me awake. I would lay there just thinking about what happened today, what happened years ago and what is going to happen tomorrow or what I’m going to do tomorrow. Can’t sleep!

I came across this article the other day that tells people how to fall asleep in 10, 20 or 30 seconds. It was all about relaxing, everything, especially your brain. Then I remembered that I went through an exercise where I did steps to relax so I could sleep years ago. I’m not sure why I quit using this method but I did and now I’m back to it!

First, you need to clear your mind, I know you’re saying, right! But really, you need to relax and it is possible, you just have you think about your breathing and concentrate on that. If that doesn’t work, try thinking about a relaxing place, like on the beach with nobody around. Or what I like is under the stars on a cool night where I need a light blanket, then I think about mosquitos, NO NO STOP. And I get back to the stars.

All I’m saying is pick something that makes you feel comfortable. And relaxed! From here there are a number of things you can do: count sheep, count to 1000, count backward from 1000, or do what I do.

Okay, lie on your back or any way you are comfortable. Then you start from your toes and picture them relaxing, don’t laugh it really does work. Then you go up to your feet do the same and work up to ankles, then to legs, then thighs, then pelvic ( don’t stay too long here or you will have to start over). While you are doing these steps only think about the body part you are relaxing. Go up to the stomach, to the abdomen, to the chest, to shoulders, then to arms, to forearms, to hands, then to fingers.

Finally to your head. Here, if you got this far, you can break it down to your chin, to your mouth, to cheeks, to your eyes and ears. Or you can start over if you need to.

This has worked for me so far and years ago. I hope it works for you too! Oh, yeah, I also use CBD 10xPure oil drops to help!

Thank you for reading and please leave me a comment below, also please share with others, I really want to get my blog out there!



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Author: pegmink52

I am 60+, disabled and retired. I live in a rural town SW of Pittsburgh, PA with my best friend/husband. I am self-employed and building a work from home business.

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