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Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Today I want to tell you more about the products that I have been promoting for your health.

This is from a friend of mine (Terry Lidge) and it is really informational as to what we have!

What needs to be understood is that when the CBDA is passing through the body it is naturally being converted (decarboxylated) into CBD. You are probably wondering what CBDA is, well here is the definition:
Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and the acidic precursor to CBD. CBDA can be found in the live or raw form of cannabis, particularly in the hemp plant and strains bred to cultivate higher CBD levels. CBDA converts to CBD through decarboxylation, which occurs when cannabis is exposed to heat or sunlight. Courtesy of The Apothecarium Las Vegas!

There are two reason this happens:
1.Your body temperature
2.Your body naturally being acidic

When 10x Pure was being tested for Bioavailability (absorption), the scientists discovered something amazing that happens with CBDA in the body. With the discovery, we hit it out of the park.

These studies (which David D’Arcangelo is working) will show 10xPure products keep the integrity of the CBDA. This allows CBDA to reach the target in the body. When it reaches the target it gets their as CBDA.

In the scientific study, 10xPure was able to maintain its integrity while passing through the kidney and liver cells. Do a google search on the health benefits of CBDA and you will be blow away.

Just because some companies bottle says CBDA on it, what is important to know is it is very likely to be destroyed before reaching the target. With our patented covalent bonding SuperCharged 10x Pure, we are able to protect the CBDA from going through the damaging process. Join for FREE!

In addition to the HISTORIC finding on CBDA, remember the other benefits of 10x Pure….

10x Pure is a revolutionary way to deliver broad spectrum CBD molecules / oil to the body by using 10x supercharged oxygenated oil. It is PATENTED & CTFO has EXCLUSIVE. Blows away any competitor.

CBD Oil consists of cannabinoids which are NOT water soluble. The process of using Nano technology to assist in making the oil water soluble, offered by competitors, “chops” the molecules of CBD. This actually damages the molecules. 10x Pure does NOT damage the molecules. They are all intact, and bioavailable. This is HUGE and we blow away any and all competition. I suggest you read this paragraph again. This sets us apart from those who tout they are water soluble.

Supercharged oxygenated oil LOVES water, and mixes will with it. Since water is the main constituent of blood, the 10x Pure process allows us to transport natural, non-processed broad spectrum CBD throughout the bloodstream. This results in increased absorption and potency! Let me say that again. his results in increased absorption and potency! And remember, this is a patented product, and CTFO has an exclusive agreement with the company; we are the ONLY network marketing company offering this technology in our oil!

What happens to potency / absorption?
Well, the 500 mg potency with 10x Pure is approximately equivalent to taking a dose of 3,000 – 5,000 mg!
The 1500 mg potency is approximately equivalent to taking a dose of 9,000 – 15,000 mg. Join me for FREE!

The 10x Pure process is real. Without getting scientific, it provides a WATER delivery vehicle, as the CBD molecules are actually attracted to water.

10X Pure is hydrophilic – having a strong affinity for water; tending to dissolve in, mix with, or be wetted by water. chemical science, chemistry – the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions.

Jeremy Ducharme (CEO of 10x Pure) recently said that water soluble is not about absorption of penetration. What makes 10X Pure so special is that it is HYDROPHILIC.

Please consider going to one of these links, join me and read about all the products and what the have to offer for your health.

Thanks again for reading, please feel free to add a comment below!

Sincerely, Peggy

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Home Business SCAM!

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! Today I want to talk about a home-based business opportunity that I was unfortunate to be a victim of. What I write here is my own opinion and nobody else!

Before I get to the point of this post, let me give you some advice. DO NOT GIVE A PERSON YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER AND ROUTING NUMBER!!!! Make sure they have a secure website that you can put this valuable information on. I trusted a person and my account is closed! I was talking to a person about working from home and I gave them this information to get paid. I didn’t hear anything from them so I thought they didn’t want me to work with them. I went to check others out! (Legitimate work at home!)

I got an email from my bank that I need to call them. I was transferred to the security department where I was asked if I was expecting a direct deposit, I said yes. He asked how much, I told him $800. He said are you sure, I said of course, what’s this about? He said someone tried to deposit a check for $2800. I said no way! He told me they were closing my account and doing an investigation. That was over a month ago! They are still investigating and they are still holding my money!

The customer service department and the security department keep passing me back and forth. One says I need to talk to the other and vice-versa. I think they are just jerking me around so they can continue to make money on my money as long as it’s there. I will call tomorrow to see if they got the email with my Driver’s License copy in it. I know I gave this to them when I opened the account, just something else to hold my money.

Now to the main reason for this post! It started with me searching for different at home opportunities on Facebook. There are a lot of them and I did ask for information on some of them to read more.

This one was very interesting, it said if you can copy and paste, you can do this. So I ask for more info. The girl and I were chatting on messenger back and forth for a few days. She told me I would be placing ads for vacation rentals on Craigslist. Sounded great and I would be paid $200 per week, even better.

This was one of the first conversations I had with Gracey. This shows her picture, so keep an eye out. She has probably changed it by now!

I was very happy doing this work. She and I would talk back and forth all day, every day. Except on Sunday, that was my day off. I would have Craigslist send her the finished product and she would send me the link to approve it. This set up was great. Periodically I would send her a screenshot of the list on Craigslist to show her I was doing my part.

I really enjoyed doing this kind of work.

She asked for my email address so she could send me the ads that I would post. Not a problem, she said she would send me 5 a day to post. So I started doing the post on Craigslist and we chatted through messenger on Facebook daily, all day. The emails from Craigslist would go to her and she would let me know via messenger. The ad she sent looked like just a letter! And after I was finished posting it looked like a professional ad!

In the beginning, Craigslist would remove a post and I couldn’t figure out why so she told me to post it in my area. I did and it was okay. This happened a few times in the beginning but I was able to re-post them. (Legitimate work at home!)

Okay so Thursday came around and I made the comment to her that tomorrow was my payday. And how excited I was to be paid for my work. She said she thought she told me that the payment is monthly. I looked through our chats and nothing was said about monthly payments. She apologized and said she has a lot of people to help and it must have slipped her mind. Okay, no problem I said and I would continue to work for the month.

We continued working for the next couple of weeks and the third week she said she was going to try to get me paid early. I told her that would be great and I continued to work just waiting for her to tell me my money was in my account.

I had gotten to the point that I was pretty good at changing the header of the ad and I would pull the location up on Google Maps to find out where these places were to pinpoint their location.

So the beginning of the 4th week she told me she wasn’t able to get payment to me early. I said that was disappointing but it was okay. They pay 30 days after the first post so I really wasn’t expecting it.

Okay, payday is here! It was a Friday and I asked her about getting paid. She said she was working on it. I continued to work and she said to give her until Monday and she would get it sorted out.

I checked my bank account and there was a deposit of $2800 in it. Now, I know that wasn’t right so I asked her what it was for. She said that I was going to help her with payroll and that was the only way I could get paid to my Discover Savings account. I asked her if she was crazy?

Well, it ended up that the check that was deposited into my Savings account had been altered. HELLO!!! (Legitimate work from home!)

Please be aware of the scams that are out there and go into them expecting the worse and hopefully they will be better. I’m not saying that all home business opportunities are SCAMS there are a few that are not, just be careful and don’t give information that you are not comfortable giving.

Her name is Gracey Mash, she states she has been working for International Real Estate since 2014 and she lives in Bedford, NY. She also says she is going to New York University. I have some of her email addresses: gracechristie23@gmail.com, dnhv.rentals12@gmail.com, Dnhv.rentals34@gmail.com, and dnhvrentals@gmail.com. And this is really bad if this company really does exist and she is using it to make false promises and basically lying all the way. I keep saying she, but as far as I know this could be a man, not sure. And she hasn’t posted anything to her home page on Facebook since Jan. 7th.

Please be aware of this scam you will not get paid. I am really disappointed with this person by giving me false hope in having a home-based job that I enjoyed doing. Shame on her/him!!! Oh, update! She/he deleted their Facebook page, but please be aware that they can use another name, profile picture and personal information! I just don’t want you getting caught up with this person!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave me your comments below,

Peggy with CTFO, legitimate work from home business opportunity. It is free to join and you get a number of free websites and well as great products for the family at a discount! Join me today!

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Information you should know!

Hello, Peggy here! I just want to give you what I thought was some very important information about CBD. With that being said, I know a lot of you will just close this page and that’s alright. But for those of you that want to understand the benefits of this product, you need to continue to read.

I give credit to Jim Zweifel on Facebook for posting this article. Thanks, Jim! Now continue:

Understanding Cannabinoid Receptors: Why Cannabis Affects Humans

Many cannabis consumers are familiar with popular cannabinoids like THC and CBD, the therapeutic chemical compounds that provide a wealth of medicinal relief for dozens of conditions involving pain, inflammation, and nausea. Cannabinoids, as well as their cousins’ terpenes, are simply the chemicals that provide actual relief to patients by inserting themselves into special receptors in the tissues and cells of the human body. They are among more than 480 natural components found within the cannabis plant.
These special receptors are part of what is known as the endocannabinoid system. This mechanism, which helps modulate many bodily functions — including appetite, sleep, anxiety level, and cognition — is intimately tied to the nervous system and immune system. In fact, particular cannabinoids target specific types of receptors located on the surface of cells in different areas of the body.
This targeting is formally called a binding affinity. Some molecules may feature a relatively low binding affinity that offers poor or moderate efficacy for a patient, while other pairings feature a very strong affinity that, when combined with cannabinoids from high-quality plants, can result in superb medical benefit or psychoactive effects.

Endocannabinoid System / Receptors:
Molecules like cannabinoids and terpenes fit into special receptors within the endocannabinoid system or ECS. A researcher or doctor would say that molecules like THC activate particular cannabinoid receptors. These receptors, called CB1 and CB2, work like a lock and key when flooded with cannabinoids, such as after a patient smokes, vaporizes, or ingests cannabis flowers, a concentrate, or an edible.
The endocannabinoid system produces its own cannabinoids. This is the reason it exists, actually. Technically, this system is simply being supplemented when a person consumes cannabinoids, terpenes, or other chemicals from an herb like a cannabis plant that happens to bind with the receptors within this system. In 1992, it was discovered that the ECS produces an endocannabinoid within the brain called anandamide. This internal cannabinoid, which was discovered by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, binds to CB1 receptors in the brain and nervous system and, to a lesser extent, CB2 receptors in the immune system. More about this powerful molecule later.
Many medical professionals and researchers have identified a shortage of endocannabinoids as a condition called endocannabinoid deficiency. It is theorized that a deficiency of these molecules — which are increasingly understood to be critical to good health and homeostasis (balance) within humans — may lead to a variety of diseases related to the immune and nervous systems. These conditions often involve inflammation, pain, and nausea, the side effects of diseases, pharmaceutical drugs, and treatments like chemotherapy. Join me for FREE!

Cannabinoid Receptors: CB1 and CB2:
The CB1 receptor was discovered in 1990, while CB2 was uncovered shortly thereafter in 1993 by a research group at Cambridge University. One source claims that these two receptor types employ significantly different signaling mechanisms. It is known that they are expressed in vastly different ways, including their appearance in various parts of the body (different regions of the endocannabinoid system).
The cannabinoid THC has been shown to possess a very high binding affinity with CB1 receptors located throughout the brain, central nervous system, connective tissues, gonads, glands, and related organs. This is one reason that consumption of cannabis strains and plants containing a high amount of THC result in a relatively potent effect, giving patients significant relief from pain, nausea, or depression while delivering a strong euphoria to lifestyle users. Significant efficacy is gained by those undergoing chemotherapy and patients suffering conditions involving inflammation, like arthritis and lupus.
CB2 receptors, on the contrary, are located throughout the immune system and related organs, like the tissues of the spleen, tonsils, and thymus gland. They are also common in the brain, although they do not appear as densely as CB1 sites and are found on different types of cells.
CB2 sites are also found in greater concentrations (density) throughout the gastrointestinal system, where they modulate the intestinal inflammatory response. This is why sufferers of Crohn’s disease and IBS gain such great relief from cannabis medicine. It is also a powerful example of how the endocannabinoid system, when supplemented by external cannabinoids (such as from cannabis), can provide such powerful and long-lasting relief for patients of diseases like Crohn’s. Cannabis has been shown to have such great efficacy for this condition that, in nearly half of cases, the kind herb puts the disease into full remission.

Beyond binding affinity, the locations, density, and an overall number of cannabinoid receptors are collectively labeled their expression. Researchers discuss how different patients, especially those with particular diseases, may have different expressions of CB1 and CB2 receptors than patients who are not afflicted with these conditions (one example is patients suffering from anorexia).
The expression of cannabinoid receptors in a person is akin to a fingerprint or hairline: It is a highly subjective characteristic of that individual resulting in a range of responses to different cannabis medicines. Some patients prefer a sativa like Durban Poison or Kali Mist, while others gravitate toward an indica such as Kosher Kush or Blue Cheese or lock in on a hybrid like Blue Dream or Sour Diesel. Join me for FREE!

Receptor Expression:
One patient may overexpress a receptor-like CB1 (meaning they have more receptors than average) and, as a result, be very sensitive to a cannabinoid-like THC. Other patients may underexpress a receptor-like CB2, meaning they may be less sensitive to the therapeutic effects of a cannabinoid-like CBD and may need to consume it in greater quantities or add other cannabinoids and terpenes to the mix, especially those that target other receptors, like CB1.
Receptor expression pertains not only to variations among individuals but also to the density of a particular type of receptor within a region of the body. For example, a study published in 2010 in the British Journal of Pharmacology provided further evidence that receptors vary in the density with which they appear in various parts of the body, mostly the brain, central nervous system, and immune system.
“CB1 receptors are highly expressed in the central nervous system (CNS), with low to moderate expression in the [peripheral nervous system].”
Receptors can accommodate a variety of molecular structures, so it’s not a situation of CB1 receptors, for example, accommodating only the THC molecule. These molecular parking spots may have a higher binding affinity for THC than most other cannabinoids and terpenes, but other molecules may also bind with this receptor, with a variety of affinities.
According to a 2012 study published in the journal Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry, a single receptor type can recognize and bind with multiple varieties of molecules. Due to the dearth of research that has been conducted regarding the human endocannabinoid system and is interaction with phytocannabinoids from herbs like cannabis, experts and scientists can currently only speculate regarding the complexity and breadth of this system that is so critical for human health — and is present in all mammals (this is why cannabis studies on primates and rodents yield data that can be effectively extrapolated to humans).
Reported the study:
“The complex molecular architecture of each of the cannabinoid receptors allows for a single receptor to recognize multiple classes of compounds and produce an array of distinct downstream effects.”

Patient Benefit:
How does a knowledge of the binding affinity of particular cannabinoids to certain types of receptors within the endocannabinoid system aid consumers? First, patients can become educated about how particular cannabinoids and terpenes offer therapy for targeted diseases and ailments. Those who suffer epilepsy, for example, may prefer a high-CBD, low-THC strain that reduces the incidence of seizures in both children and adults but doesn’t provide so much psychoactive effect that it interferes with one’s school, job, or family life. Common THC-to-CBD ratios of commercial products in legal states are 1:1 and 1:20, although experimentation is occurring with many ratios.
The endocannabinoid anandamide mentioned earlier, not only functions within the ECS to serve a variety of medicinal functions but also interacts with phytocannabinoids like THC and CBC. Anandamide has been shown to enhance the effects of THC for a variety of conditions, as well as its euphoric effects. This human-produced cannabinoid also interacts with the cannabinoid CBC to do things like fight cancer, particularly colorectal and breast types.
Put simply, the cannabinoid CBC allows more anandamide to remain in a patient’s system because it inhibits its uptake — meaning it basically improves the immune system’s ability to use its own healthy chemicals, such as anandamide, to rid itself of cancer. Join me for FREE!

Additional Receptors?
Many types of research and scientists speculate that other receptors, beyond CB1 and CB2, may easily exist. A detailed understanding about how cannabinoids and terpenes interact with currently unknown receptor types in the endocannabinoid system could potentially result in cannabinoid therapies targeted at particular diseases and conditions. Until this research is conducted, however, those considering cannabis to treat their condition must rely mostly on anecdotal evidence provided by fellow patients.
The 2012 study cited above concluded that additional cannabinoid receptors, which it labels “sites of action,” likely exist.
“However, the discovery of additional sites of action for endocannabinoids, as well as synthetic cannabinoid compounds, suggests the existence of additional cannabinoid receptors.”

Research Needed:
Until cannabis is removed from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, which is the federal government’s way of officially and legally declaring it a dangerous and highly addictive drug, the necessary research to improve patient conditions for dozens of diseases and ailments will be lacking. Congress must allow robust medical research of cannabis, cannabinoids, and terpenes — including human trials — to best serve sick patients and some of the frailest and vulnerable members of society.
To put things in perspective, consider that cocaine and methamphetamines are both Schedule II drugs, meaning they are considered less dangerous than cannabis and can be prescribed by a doctor. Meanwhile, bath salts and heroin both share the Schedule I category with pot. Until eager researchers are permitted to study cannabinoid receptors, including how they bind with cannabinoids and some terpenes, patients will continue to suffer.

This post was originally published on November 19, 2015, it was updated on October 5, 2017.

Thank you so much for reading, I know it is pretty long. If you would like to view the products I have please join me for FREE, you can order anytime you want. If you need any help contact me on Facebook and I would be glad to answer any questions you may have, thanks again! It’s always free to join!!! Please leave me a comment below!



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WOW! This is a new experience!

I can’t believe it, I have my own website. But there is so much to learn and do to get it going. I’m 60+ years old and I have been trying for years to work from home. You see, I have COPD and osteoporosis. That means I get out of breath easily and I  have constant pain in my back, so it’s difficult for me to sit for a long period of time. I have tried the work at home programs that say you can make a lot of money overnight, or in 7 days, or whatever they say. Well, I’m here to tell you these programs do nothing but feed you a lot of BS. Nothing works overnight like that except maybe the stock market.

I believe that I have found the perfect work from home products. It’s called CTFO! You have a number of websites you can promote for free. That’s right you don’t pay anything to join. And the products, well let me tell you they are awesome.

But you don’t have to purchase the products right away, check out the websites, go to Facebook and join the clubs. But first, JOIN ME. You will be able to join in on the great training that’s available. And if you have any questions, just ask, if I don’t have the answer, I will find it for you.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave me a comment,


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Netzero Internet Service Provider-Review: Bad Business?

I would like to tell you about my experience with Netzero. First off, I have internet connection on my desktop, but I wanted a separate connection for my laptop. So, I did some research and found out that Netzero internet service provider was the cheapest, not always the best, as I found out.

Service for Me

While doing my research, I checked to see if Netzero offered service in my area. I thought great, there is service for me. So, on September 23rd I ordered the Netzero Stick, along with the DataShield subscription. I received an email on September 24th saying my device has been shipped. It came in the mail via USPS on September 26th. I tried for days to get a connection, but it wasn’t working. I didn’t have a problem downloading and getting it set up, but no connection.

Upset with product

I emailed Netzero on 30th and wrote this: “Even though your coverage area shows that I have coverage, no service.
I’m sorry, but I will have to cancel my account & return the Netzero Stick and ask for a refund on all services with you. Please let me know how to return the Stick.”

They wrote: “I’m sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your NetZero Mobile Broadband service and hope
you will reconsider. Please take note that we do not process cancellation requests over e-mail, and instead we
informed our customers to call us to cancel their service to help ensure the security of your account.” And she added the phone number and times to call, which I did.

During this conversation the representative kept trying to resolve the problem to no avail. Also, she kept putting me on hold to check things. I was constantly telling her that I wanted a refund and to cancel my account. She said she would have to transfer me to a senior agent, but guess what? We got disconnected, somehow. I tried to call back, the line was busy.

I received another email on October 3rd saying my account was cancelled and I could keep the Netzero Stick. So, I called back to tell them that the Stick is no use to me and I want to return it. She told me since I placed my order online, I wan’t entitled to a refund. Are you kidding me? Yes, it did say that on the website, but it also said I had service in my area. She said she was sorry, but I can’t return it. I asked for a supervisor, guess what? Yep, dropped again. Go figure!

We went back and forth with emails, them saying a senior agent tried to reach me, me calling back and asking for senior agent, getting disconnected. So, I stopped calling and sent emails instead. I have 14 emails from them in 30 days.

Product return

So, they did finally say that I could return the Stick, after telling them that I thought they breached our contract by saying I had service in my area and didn’t. Then, after checking a number of time to see if they received the product, I was told by returning via UPS there was no way of tracking it. Boy, that set me off! I returned it with the return label they sent to me via email. I have a printer, so I just printed it and taped it to the envelope.

They sent me the product via USPS, but the return was via UPS. That way they are not out of money, because they can track to see where it is. But, the customer is out of money, if it gets lost. I told them to make their customer service better, they needed to use the same service for the returns. But, obviously, they don’t care.

On October 28th, I received yet another email asking the return address on the label that they sent me. I can’t believe they don’t know where their return department gets their mail. But, I attached it to an email and made sure I told them to look at the attachment, in case they don’t see it.

So, I called again to speak to a senior agent and I was finally able to speak with one. She told me they received the product and that my account would be refunded. Thus far, I have been refunded all but $20, which I have sent another email to find out why they are keeping this money. I haven’t received word back, yet.

In Conclusion

I wanted to tell you about my experience and not everyone has this problem. I feel they kept jerking me around so they wouldn’t have to refund any of my money. Also, I told them I was disabled and do not go any place that I would be able to use this device. I just want you to check with your neighbors before you decide on a mobile internet service to make sure you can use it. Even though it says you have service in your area, you may not.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave me a comment,


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