The New Age!

Hi, my friends! Welcome to my blog. Today I want to talk about the new age that has been showered upon us!

Things have been changing people! I’m talking about the money that has changed to cryptocurrency. Mainly, bitcoins!

I saw this beginning and decided that I didn’t want anything to do with it. I thought it would be a scam. And don’t get me wrong there are a lot of scam sites out there so please beware.

A friend and fellow working partner had a link on his done for you system and I didn’t join right away but I did read what he had to say and also asked questions. He answered everything he could about the site.

The name of the company is Minerva! It is a cryptocurrency bot that only requires a 5 EURO to invest. With that being said they suggest that you invest more because you will get more ROI.

My friend knows my background and he told me not to invest more then I can afford to lose, just in case! Because you never know! That is don’t invest the months’ rent, the electric bill, groceries or anything else that you need to support yourself and family. So I invested 5 EUROS, which is $5.51 in USD!

I started in October 2019 with my 5 EUROS and I got a couple of vouchers during one of the webinars, which was awesome. You can reinvest when you have 5 EUROS in your balance. I have been able to reinvest a few times so far. Now my profits are growing! Take a look!

I receive payments several times a day, it’s not a lot but it’s more then I had. Join me and watch your money continue to come in daily. It’s great and they have a Facebook group you can learn about.

If you join me on this done for you system (it’s free), you will learn a lot more. There are other programs you can join, but it’s not required. You will be told if any are required.

Plus this DFY system will help you with any niche you are promoting. If you need capture pages, landing pages or videos to use for your niche you can really build your business. And remember it’s free!

Check out the screenshot of my Minerva account, it really works and the community is awesome we are like a family that I think will be around a long time.

Please don’t pass this up, join now and make sure you join the webinar on Sunday morning at 10am EST. They give away vouchers to help you grow your money. Also, check out their Facebook group when you join. This is so exciting!

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Free system that works!

Hey, y’all! Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at the free system that really works.

First let me tell you I have been looking for a legitimate way to make money from home since 2007 with no success until now. Here is a shot of my email telling me someone signed up for more information. Each email represent 1 inquirer. That’s great!

This is the first time that I have paid for advertising and it is paying off so far. I have a lot of links to advertise your business for free and I have gotten a number of sign ups from them but my paid advertising has made me money.

You can check out my free advertising sites here!

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Join me for free then upgrade with $7 one time, you will be happy you did!

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Netzero Internet Service Provider-Review: Bad Business?

I would like to tell you about my experience with Netzero. First off, I have internet connection on my desktop, but I wanted a separate connection for my laptop. So, I did some research and found out that Netzero internet service provider was the cheapest, not always the best, as I found out.

Service for Me

While doing my research, I checked to see if Netzero offered service in my area. I thought great, there is service for me. So, on September 23rd I ordered the Netzero Stick, along with the DataShield subscription. I received an email on September 24th saying my device has been shipped. It came in the mail via USPS on September 26th. I tried for days to get a connection, but it wasn’t working. I didn’t have a problem downloading and getting it set up, but no connection.

Upset with product

I emailed Netzero on 30th and wrote this: “Even though your coverage area shows that I have coverage, no service.
I’m sorry, but I will have to cancel my account & return the Netzero Stick and ask for a refund on all services with you. Please let me know how to return the Stick.”

They wrote: “I’m sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your NetZero Mobile Broadband service and hope
you will reconsider. Please take note that we do not process cancellation requests over e-mail, and instead we
informed our customers to call us to cancel their service to help ensure the security of your account.” And she added the phone number and times to call, which I did.

During this conversation the representative kept trying to resolve the problem to no avail. Also, she kept putting me on hold to check things. I was constantly telling her that I wanted a refund and to cancel my account. She said she would have to transfer me to a senior agent, but guess what? We got disconnected, somehow. I tried to call back, the line was busy.

I received another email on October 3rd saying my account was cancelled and I could keep the Netzero Stick. So, I called back to tell them that the Stick is no use to me and I want to return it. She told me since I placed my order online, I wan’t entitled to a refund. Are you kidding me? Yes, it did say that on the website, but it also said I had service in my area. She said she was sorry, but I can’t return it. I asked for a supervisor, guess what? Yep, dropped again. Go figure!

We went back and forth with emails, them saying a senior agent tried to reach me, me calling back and asking for senior agent, getting disconnected. So, I stopped calling and sent emails instead. I have 14 emails from them in 30 days.

Product return

So, they did finally say that I could return the Stick, after telling them that I thought they breached our contract by saying I had service in my area and didn’t. Then, after checking a number of time to see if they received the product, I was told by returning via UPS there was no way of tracking it. Boy, that set me off! I returned it with the return label they sent to me via email. I have a printer, so I just printed it and taped it to the envelope.

They sent me the product via USPS, but the return was via UPS. That way they are not out of money, because they can track to see where it is. But, the customer is out of money, if it gets lost. I told them to make their customer service better, they needed to use the same service for the returns. But, obviously, they don’t care.

On October 28th, I received yet another email asking the return address on the label that they sent me. I can’t believe they don’t know where their return department gets their mail. But, I attached it to an email and made sure I told them to look at the attachment, in case they don’t see it.

So, I called again to speak to a senior agent and I was finally able to speak with one. She told me they received the product and that my account would be refunded. Thus far, I have been refunded all but $20, which I have sent another email to find out why they are keeping this money. I haven’t received word back, yet.

In Conclusion

I wanted to tell you about my experience and not everyone has this problem. I feel they kept jerking me around so they wouldn’t have to refund any of my money. Also, I told them I was disabled and do not go any place that I would be able to use this device. I just want you to check with your neighbors before you decide on a mobile internet service to make sure you can use it. Even though it says you have service in your area, you may not.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave me a comment,


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