Short heads-up!

Hello everyone! Hope all is well with you and your families! My husband and I are doing good, thanks for asking! Ha Ha Ha! Today I’m going to give you a short heads-up! And a big thank you for visiting my blog.

I read an ad the other day about watching YouTube videos and getting paid to do so. I put in my information and signed up.

I started watching videos and the higher the price I would get paid the longer the video last. Not bad! So by the time I made $25 I went to do a quick withdraw just to see if it worked, well I put in my payment withdrawal information as PayPal with my PayPal address.

When I got to the next page I was told I needed $100 for withdrawal. I thought why didn’t they tell me that in the beginning?

So I continued watching videos and my balance got to $101, so I tried to withdraw again. Now it says I must have 30 active referrals to get a withdraw. It says if I don’t want to refer anyone I can buy referrals from them using bitcoin.

What a scam! While I have been surfing traffic exchanges and mailers I came across a couple of other names for this same website. The name of the one I joined is And the other two I came across are OziVideon.XYZ and UitVideon.XYZ. They all say “Make Money Easy”, they all have the same landing page. So don’t fall for this, just a short heads-up!

Thank you again for visiting my site and please feel free to add your 2 cents, I would love to hear from you. And please like and share this post with your family and friends!



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